Protecting Our Air: We are Standing Strong Together.

Protecting Our Community: We are Standing Strong Together.

Please Join us at the Tuckahoe Village Board Meeting Tonight, Monday, Dec. 12, 2016 8pm. Bring your signs. We are all standing together, and more are joining us every day.

We are Protecting Our Air, Our families, Our Homes, and Our Health.

Our communities’ endorsements and encouragements have enabled an Article 78 legal Action.

We are Proud to be defending ourselves against the threats to our safety, health and welfare.

They have not done their job. They are not protecting us.

We are protecting ourselves.

Actions you can take now:

1. Contribute:

Please support your community. We have taken protective action. We need your assistance to keep moving forward, and to continue to fund our environmental consultants.

Please Donate

If you prefer to contribute by Check, please Make Checks out to:

The Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition 14, Eastchester, NY 10709

These are some of the reasons why we absolutely need your financial help to protect our communities:

  • We are up against big developer money.
  • The developers’ attorney, Linda Shaw, is a lobbyist.
  • The developer’s Public Relations representative works hard to keep our story out of the media.
  • This is Our Air.
  • You can Protect your Home.
  • We are doing this for each other.

2) Volunteer:

We absolutely need you!
We are all working together. Your ideas and actions are welcome. Please contact us at:

3. Please join us at the Tuckahoe Board meeting Tonight:

Bring your signs to the meeting & please write, email, and call. It is important that they know that we are here and that we are not going any where.
When: Monday, Dec 12, 2016 @ 8pm.
Where: Tuckahoe Village Hall, 65 Main Street.

This Christmas Season is exactly the time that the Village Officials should welcome all of our community involvement. Together, we can make this dump safer. Dr. Hughes is an extremely accomplished engineer and scientist. He is working to protect us.

The Village of Tuckahoe, Mr. Musso, and the DEC, should welcome his expertise and input. Approximately 90% of the protective changes to the Remedial Action Work Plan came from Dr. Hughes’ advocacy, assessments, and input.

We need you to take action, please.
In person at the meeting, and in writing (by email or regular mail), and by phone, demand that the Mayor and Trustees of Tuckahoe take the following actions to better Protect the Safety, Health and Welfare of all of Our Communities:

  1. Require that HES release, and make publicly available the Draft Scope of Work for the next Phase of the project Require the release of the Draft Scope of Work prior to it being finalized. Make the document available for public comment. Dr. Hughes would like to work together with Mr. Musso, the Village of Tuckahoe, HES, and the DEC. For the best possible and safest outcome, require that the document be open so that we can all work together. HES will submit the Draft Scope of Work for the Village for review shortly. This document will indicate what is proposed for the next phase of work, including the CAMP proposal, and locations of hot spot digging.
  2. Release all Data! Dr. Hughes has not received environmental testing data. Despite weekly conversations with Mr. Musso, Dr. Hughes has been given very little concrete information. Dr. Hughes has not received any environmental testing data from Mr. Musso or the DEC. Mr. Musso told Dr. Hughes that he was OK with sharing all the Data with Dr. Hughes, but that he needed permission from the Village of Tuckahoe. All Data should be released to Dr. Hughes, and posted for the Community to see as soon as Mr. Musso receives it; If the Data is preliminary, than it can be so indicated when released.
  3. Require that Flame Ionization Detectors (FIDs) be required in the Community Air Monitoring Protocols (CAMP). FID’s can detect a variety of contaminants in the vapors. PID’s do not detect Freon’s, and many other contaminants. FID’s are more protective.
  4. Require Ambient Air testing of the Dump site: we need to know what contaminants are coming off of the dump now.
  5. Require a full reconnaissance of chemical filled barrels and drums on the dump site before they start digging. High levels of Freon were found in the soil in the southern end of the Brownfield site. This quantity of Freon in the soil indicates an active source. Active and leaking sources must be identified before digging.
  6. For the safety of the community, Request that the DEC vapor tests of all of the buildings bordering the Dump, and on the East side of Marbledale Road. Very high soil vapor contaminant levels were found underneath the buildings which house KI Martial Arts, and the Broken Bow Brewery. These levels were way above the safety guidelines.
  7. Require Full Risk Assessment of all activities on the Marbledale Road Quarry Dump.
  8. Community Update Meetings for the Community: Did you know that they are having community information meetings being run by HES? The public has been given very little notice of these meetings, and they are mislabeled.
  1. Require that HES information meetings be correctly labeled as HES meetings, not DEC meetings.
  2. Require that the meetings be held in the Village Hall and that they are broadcast live.
  3. Require two weeks notice of all meetings be placed on the main page of the Tuckahoe website, and on the top of the Hotel information page.
  4. Tell the Community who will be doing the Remediation activities, and if their experience in protecting the public.

II. Did you Know:
1. Dr. Hughes is working several days a week for our community. He has not stopped being involved in the project since he started over a year ago. He is continually:
• Identifying the best and most protective avenues for the remediation.
• Identifying safety gaps in the current activities.
• Reaching out to the DEC and requesting updates of activities and data.
• Further suggesting safety protocols to Mr. Musso and the DEC.
• Requesting information from Mr. Musso.
2. The developer has still not identified the construction activities that will be used on the site. All aggressive construction activities will release contaminated dust and/or contaminated vapors.
3. Mr. Musso, the Village’s Environmental Consultant, was hired by the Mayor and the Trustees. As his boss, The Mayor and Trustees are able to direct Mr. Musso to take actions to protect our community.
4. The DEC would respond in a positive manner if the Mayor of Tuckahoe, the Mayor of Bronxville, and/or the Supervisor of Eastchester requested further investigations, testing, and assessment of any part of the Quarry Dump, including the Brownfield site, and surrounding areas. The DEC would equally respond in a positive manner to any request for further safety protocols. Including requests for enhanced Community Air Monitoring Protocols (CAMP).
5. Realtors in the area have called the Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition and asked about the safety of the project, and the community.
6. Realtors have further expressed a recent uptick in requests for sales of homes in Tuckahoe. They cited the Hotel project as the reason that home owners have wanted to leave Tuckahoe.
7. Members of the Coalition have been told that several families from Scarsdale, and other areas, have removed their children from the Waverly school. They all cited the Hotel project.
8. Members of the Coalition have been told that AMHAC may be for sale, and/or the AMHAC building may be for sale.
9. Mayor Ecklond stated at a Village board meeting that Tuckahoe home owner taxes will not be reduced by the Hotel project.
10. Over 90% of the Hotel Project is in the Eastchester School district, and the Eastchester will receive majority of the school taxes.
11. Despite what was said by Jeff Zuckerman at a Village board meeting, Jeff Zuckerman has never been a member of the Sierra Club. Clare Goreman has not been a member for over 18 years. The Sierra Club does not appreciate misrepresentations. The Sierra Club disagrees with Clare Goreman’s, and the Planning Board’s October approval of the Hotel project on the Hazardous Waste Dump.
12. We, the tax payers are all paying for the Brownfield Remediation Program. The Developer (called the “Volunteer” in the Brownfield Program) will be reimbursed (in various manners) for virtually all remediation related expenditures. These expenditures can include all foundations of the buildings, parking lots, and other building elements, as they may be conceived as portions of the Cap.
13. Just because the Planning Board approved the project does not mean that our community has stopped. This is just the next phase in protecting our homes, our air and our families. We are all here. We are all working hard. And, we absolutely need you to keep advocating, fundraising, and being present.
Do not be silent. Do what ever you can. When ever you can. Where ever you can. Because this is about all of us together.

The Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition
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