They Are Poisoning Our Air!

Stop The Marbledale Road Quarry Dump Toxins From Reaching Your Homes In Bronxville, Eastchester & Tuckahoe.

What you must do:
Demand to know the Pathways of all of the Toxics!

Demand that the Village of Bronxville requires that all Remediation and Construction activities halt until the following are completed:
I) Complete Air & Health Risk Analysis: a) of all contaminants that are already impacting our communities from the Marriott Marbledale Road Toxic Dump. b) of all contaminants that will be released during the remediation and construction activities.
II) Complete Air Pathway Analysis for all Contaminant Pathways including: Contaminated Groundwater & Soil Vapor Pathways. You must find out where the contaminants are going.

Please attend the:
Bronxville Board of Trustees Meeting:
January 9, 2017 at 8pm
200 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, NY
We need to speak up and demand that they protect us.

1) Contaminated Soil vapors, 100xs times the DEC’s Air Safety Guidelines, including TCE & PCE, found on & off of the Marriott site: in our communities. These contaminated vapors are widespread. They have left the dump and are in our air and are moving under Marbledale Road and surfacing in the surrounding areas. (Testing Data Nov, 2016)

2) The Community Air Safety Monitoring Protocol (CAMP) does NOT detect Contaminated Vapors. They are digging in the ground and releasing untold amounts of toxic vapors into our air, without any community safety!

3) TCE was found in the Air at 8x’s the Safety guidelines!
TCE at 1.6 ug/m3 was found in the Ambient Air on Marbledale Road.
DEC’s Air Safety guideline is 0.2 ug/m3.
(The Ambient Air is the air above the ground. This reading was taken more than a month before any trench digging started).

4) The DEC is supposed to identify all sources of contaminants, the contaminant pathways, and the contaminant impacts, before any remediation or construction activities. But, they did not! Now our air is being poisoned. Poisoned by what is coming off of the dump, by vapor and water, even before they start digging! Poisoned by what they are releasing into our air with all of Bilwin’s activities!

5) Groundwater Contamination in the Bedrock Horrifyingly high & giving off Toxic Vapors on their path to Bronxville!

These toxic contaminants are volatile and emanate toxic vapors. The ground water is flowing into Bronxville. The Vapor Pathways must be found!

The NYDEC groundwater safety standard for each contaminate listed is:

5.0 ug/L.

Nov. 2016 Testing results:

  • PCE = 6000 ug/L
  • TCE = 6,600 ug/L
  • 1,2-Dichloroethylene =4,100 ug/L
  • Trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene = 150 ug/L
  • Vinyl Chloride = 490 ug/L

These contaminants were found dissolved in the bedrock water.
The DEC erroneously asserted that the bedrock would filter carcinogens out of the water. The water is not filtered. It is obvious that these frighteningly high toxins are moving with the groundwater, toward, and into Bronxville, and giving off vapors as they go..

2016 Off Site Vapor Map

Key for Nov. 2016 Off-Site Vapor Map: (Off-Site = off of the Marriott Site)

2016 Off-Site Vapor MapLong term Ambient Air NYDEC Safety Guidelines:

  • PCE (Perchloroethylene): 4.0u/m3
  • TCE (Trichloroethylene): 0.2 u/m3 DCE (Dicholoroethylene): 63 u/m3
  • VC (Vinyl Chloride): 0.11 u/m3

(Not to exceed these values).


Please Participate in Protecting Our Air. Please help us fund An Injunction, & The Environmental Experts Protecting & Advocating for us. Please Contribute $50, $100, $500, $1000, or whatever you can.

The Coalition is funding our community members in the Article 78 legal action. The Article 78 is a costly action, and we need our community’s support. Because of recent activities by Bilwin Developements, we need to file an injunction to halt all digging, and prevent further toxic release into our communities.

The Article 78 seeks to overturn the dangerous, and premature decisions that have lead us to this hazardous situation.

Please help us fund the Environmental Experts, Their support is crucial to our efforts.

When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters any more.


Please Donate

If you prefer to contribute by check, please Make Checks out to:

Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition 14, Eastchester, NY 10709


These are highly carcinogenic contaminants!
This is a list of just some of the Contaminants that will be released by Vapor into our communities when they start digging into the Marriott Dump Site:

Please attend the:

Bronxville Board of Trustees Meeting
January 9, 2017 at 8pm
200 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, NY

Let the Bronxville village officials know about the dangers we face as a community over Bilwin Development’s premature excavation of the Marbledale Road toxic dump site without the proper precautions in place. The additional testing has not been completed, and no Risk Asses but they have already begun to dig at the site.

Perchloroethylene (PCE)Short-term exposure to high levels of perchloroethylene can cause buildup of fluid in the lungs, eye and respiratory irritation, severe shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, sleepiness, confusion, difficulty speaking and walking, and lightheadedness.

Read More at:

http://wp-content/docs/map-of-pce-soil-vapors-found-on-the-mariott-site.pdfTrichloroethylene (TCE)
Relatively short-term exposure of animals to trichloroethylene resulted in harmful effects on the nervous system, liver, respiratory system, kidneys, blood, immune system, heart, and body weight. Exposure to trichloroethylene in the workplace may cause scleroderma (a systemic autoimmune disease).
Read more at:

These are just two of the over 40 carcinogenic chemicals that are in and around the Quarry Dump Marriott Site.

Volunteer – We Need You

We are a group of volunteers and we need assistance with a large variety of tasks and events. Help us protect our community!

Please contact us at:

by email:
by text: (914) 714 8933
by voice: (914) 309 3650

For more information:

  • Please Read: Dr. Mary Spiciarich response to Linda Shaw – Oct 2016
  • Please Read: Dr. Don Hughes – Comments and letter to Planning Board – Oct 18th
  • Please Read: Dr. Hughes assessment of the Data April 2016.
  • Please Read: Dr. Hughes 9/15/16 comments on the project.
  • Click here to see the DEC Site Record Click here and enter: Site Code # C360143

We are advocating for you.
Dr. Donald Hughes, P.E., PHD., Mr. David Gordon, Esq., and Mr. Paul Rubin are your experts.

The Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition
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