They failed to protect children in Briarcliff Manor

Public officials who allow
lack of data to be a confirmation of safety,
fail their communities.

They failed to protect children in Briarcliff Manor.

A 2012 article in Huffington Post:
discussed a disturbing situation in Briarcliff Manor, a community in northern Westchester County.
The school district accepted construction debris to build new athletic fields in 1998.
It turned out the debris was contaminated with PAHs–compounds also found in the Marble Quarry dump site.  Kids who practiced on the field started getting sick.
At least eight of those students have gotten cancer; at least one has died.
Did the contaminants in the construction debris cause the cancers?
No one can say for sure;  proving cause and effect is notoriously difficult.

John Wargo, a professor of risk analysis and environmental policy at Yale asked “whether anyone has the right to expose people to known hazardous substances without their knowledge or without their consent?”
His answer: no.

We are faced with a similar situation here in Tuckahoe,  Eastchester, and possibly, in Bronxville:
community members,  including children, are being exposed to contaminants without their consent.

Toxic vapors are leaking out of the site, a situation which will be worsened by construction activities.
No effort has been made to locate buried drums at the site.

In Briarcliff, the fill was assumed to be clean, and then when it was found not to be, it was simply covered over.

The public officials failed Briarcliff Manor, they are failing us here.  

Tuckahoe, Eastchester & Bronxville

The Tuckahoe Board Meeting on
Monday, January 23, 2017
@ 8:00pm
Village Hall, 65 Main St., Tuckahoe, NY

Tell them:
Protect us from the
Marbledale Road Quarry Dump
and from them Dumping More Toxins into Our Air & Water

Tell them:
“No Matter how far down the wrong road they’ve gone,
they can always turn back”

What is going wrong here at the
Marbledale Road Quarry Dump impacts
Tuckahoe, Eastchester and Bronxville:

The Protective process to assess the potential hazards of the site was circumvented from the very beginning.

The DEC failed to perform a mandatory duty to assess whether the site belonged on the State Superfund List.

Hazardous Site:
The Marbledale Road Quarry Dump is a threat to the community because of its observed air release, concentrations of contaminants, the presence of high concentrations of soil gas, the close proximity of the community, and ground water contamination.

Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study
The Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study which was done by HES (Bilwin’s Environmental Consultant) is incomplete for at least two reasons:
(a) The RI/FS did not generate enough information to evaluate all of the human potential exposure pathways; and
(b) it failed to consider the potential human exposure associated with the proposed remedy itself.

And, now, without adequate community protections,
or adequate community risk assessment,
they are going to dig into it,
move the contaminants around,
and release toxics into our air.

The Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition:
We are a group of Volunteers, made up of your Neighbors, Friends,  and Community Members.

We are fighting to protect Our Air, and we need your help.

Please contribute to the Coalition, or directly to the experts.
If you would like to donate directly to the experts, please email us and we will send you the information.

All funds received go directly to paying for:
a) Environmental Expert assessment of data, analysis, consultation, reports, and community information.
b) Legal Council & Actions.
c) Accountants services.
d) Some of the community outreach services (web, email).

Our Volunteers have taken care of the other costs.
Our Volunteers paid for:
i) The signs & buttons.
ii) All paper, printing, and flyer materials.
iii) All printed maps.
iv) Website hosting,  maintenance and development.
vi) Email system
vii) All printed and bound reports, comments, and papers, delivered to the various public officials.
viii) All printing and coping of all petitions and petition related materials.
ix) Meals for the coalition consultants when they have traveled to speak at the Tuckahoe public meetings on the behalf of Community Safety.
xi) Accommodations for the coalition consultants when they have traveled to Tuckahoe to speak at the public meetings on behalf of Community Safety.

There are a variety of tasks that we need assistance with,
please join us!


The Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition is a 501c3 registered Charity.

Please help us fund:
The Environmental Experts who are Protecting & Advocating for us,
and an injunction to protect our Air.

The Coalition is funding our community members in the Article 78 legal action.  The Article 78 is a costly action, and we need our community’s support.  Because of recent activities by Bilwin Developments, we need to file an injunction to halt all digging,  and prevent further toxic release into our communities.

The Article 78 seeks to overturn the dangerous, and premature decisions that have lead us to this hazardous situation.
Please help us fund the Environmental Experts, Their support is crucial to our efforts. 

When you can’t breath, nothing else matters. 
or Please send a check to:
The Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition
P.O.Box 14, Eastchester, NY 10709

All of your contributions are tax deductible,
the Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition is a
501c3 Charitable Organization.

PLEASE show Support for your Communities’ Air Experts and Attend the meeting!

Air Consultants Timmothy Minnich & Robert Scotto,
and former EPA scientist Thomas Pritchett (former member of the National Environmental Response Team (ERT))
will attend the
Monday, January 23,2017, Tuckahoe Village Board meeting. 

The Village of Tuckahoe was asked by the Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition if they would like to invite air consultants Timothy Minnich & Robert Scotto, of Minnich & Scotto, to further describe the open-path FTIR air monitoring technology, which will detect the hazardous vapors released during the remediation and construction activities.
The Village of Tuckahoe declined to make the invitation.

In the spirit of promoting Community Safety, the Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition has invited Minnich & Scotto, and Mr. Thomas Pritchett, to attend January 23, 2017’s Tuckahoe Village Board Meeting.

Mr. Thomas Pritchett is a former member of the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Response Team.  Mr. Pritchett has extensive experience with Industrial Hazardous Waste Sites, and community protective actions.

Please click here to read more information about Mr. Minnich, and Mr. Scotto, and Mr. Pritchett

Please click here to read more about Mr. Pritchett’s EPA and Environmental experiences.

Why Won’t the Village of Tuckahoe Release the Remediation Proposals, a.k.a., “hot spot” Removal Proposals, to Dr. Hughes before they are approved?
Dr. Donald Hughes, and members of the Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition, have repeatedly requested, for months, that any, and all, remediation proposals be released to Dr. Hughes, for review and comment, before before being finalized.
Yet, despite all requests, and FOIL requests, Dr. Hughes has not received any information on Bilwin’s proposal for hot spot area #2, set to be approved and started next week.

Please demand that that the Village of Tuckahoe releases all proposals, draft and otherwise, to Dr. Hughes, with adequate time for him to be able to review the proposals, and submit comments, before the proposals are finalized.  This includes all specifications of how they are going to remove the “Hot Spots” and all protective measures that they are going to put in place.

An Injunction needs funding.
This is your Air, your Home,
your Community.
Please Fund your Injunction.
Without your funding, Your Coalition can not effectively protect you.

Please Click Here to Contribute By Credit Card

Volunteer – We Need You

We are a group of volunteers and we need assistance with a large variety of tasks and events. Help us protect our community!

Please contact us at:
by email:
by text: (914) 714 8933
by voice: (914) 309 3650

If you prefer to contribute by check, please Make Checks out to:

Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition 14, Eastchester, NY 10709
& please send by mail, or contact us and we will pick up your generous check.

Key for Nov. 2016 Off-Site Vapor Map: 
(Off-Site = off of the Marriott Dump Site)
Long term Ambient Air NYDEC Safety Guidelines:
(Not to exceed these values).

PCE (Perchloroethylene): 4.0u/m3

TCE (Trichloroethylene): 0.2 u/m3

DCE (Dicholoroethylene): 63 u/m3 

VC (Vinyl Chloride): 0.11 u/m3


Map of Off-Site Soil Vapors & Ambient Air from Nov., 2016.
Data shows that the Dump is contaminating us now. 
Toxics are seeping out by air and water now!

On-Site (on the Brownfield Dump Site)
Perc Soil Vapor Contamin-ation

Long term Ambient Air NYDEC Safety Guidelines for PCE: 4.0u/m3
(Not to exceed these values).

On-Site (on the Brownfield Dump Site)
TCE Soil Vapor Contamina-tion

Long term Ambient Air NYDEC Safety Guidelines for 
TCE : 0.2 u/m3
(Not to exceed these values).


Of note: Nov, 2016 Soil Vapor & Ambient Air testing data results
1) Contaminated Soil vapors, 100xs times the DEC’s Air Safety Guidelines, including TCE & PCE, found on & off of the Marriott site: in our communities.  These contaminated vapors are widespread.  They have left the dump and are in our air and are moving under Marbledale Road and surfacing in the surrounding areas.  (Testing Data Nov, 2016)
2) The Community Air Safety Monitoring Protocol (CAMP) does NOT safely detect Contaminated Vapors.  They are digging in the ground and releasing untold amounts of toxic vapors into our air.

3) TCE was found in the Air at 6x’s the Safety guidelines!
TCE at 1.2 ug/m3 was found in the Ambient Air on Marbledale Road.
DEC’s Air Safety guideline is 0.2 ug/m3.
(The Ambient Air is the air above the ground. This reading was taken more than a month before any trench digging started).

4) The DEC is supposed to identify all sources of contaminants, the contaminant pathways, and the contaminant impacts, before any remediation or construction activities. But, they did not! Now toxics are being released into our air.  Our Air is being Poisoned by what is coming off of the dump, by vapor and water, even before they start digging!  Our Air is being Poisoned by what they are releasing into our air with all of Bilwin’s activities!

5) Groundwater Contamination in the Bedrock Horrifyingly high & giving off Toxic Vapors on their path to Bronxville!
These toxic contaminants are volatile and emanate toxic vapors. The ground water is flowing into Bronxville. The Vapor Pathways must be found!
The NYDEC groundwater safety standard for each contaminate listed is:
5.0 ug/L.
Nov. 2016 Testing results:
PCE  = 6000 ug/L
TCE = 6,600 ug/L
1,2-Dichloroethylene =4,100 ug/L
Trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene = 150 ug/L
Vinyl Chloride = 490 ug/L
These contaminants were found dissolved in the bedrock water.
The DEC erroneously asserted that the bedrock would filter carcinogens out of the water.  The water is not filtered.  It is obvious that these frighteningly high toxins are moving with the groundwater, toward, and into Bronxville, and giving off vapors as they go.

 These are highly carcinogenic contaminants! 
This is a list of just some of the Contaminants that will be released by Vapor into our communities when they start digging into the Marriott Dump Site:

We are advocating for you.

Dr. Donald Hughes, P.E., PHD., Mr. David Gordon, Esq., and Mr. Paul Rubin are your experts.

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