They failed to protect children in Briarcliff Manor

Public officials who allow lack of data to be a confirmation of safety, fail their communities. They failed to protect children in Briarcliff Manor. A 2012 article in Huffington Post: ( discussed a disturbing situation in Briarcliff Manor, a community in northern Westchester County. The school district accepted construction debris to build new athletic fields in

They Are Poisoning Our Air!

Stop The Marbledale Road Quarry Dump Toxins From Reaching Your Homes In Bronxville, Eastchester & Tuckahoe. What you must do: Demand to know the Pathways of all of the Toxics! Demand that the Village of Bronxville requires that all Remediation and Construction activities halt until the following are completed: I) Complete Air & Health Risk

Letter to the Editor: William Gaston on the Hazards of the Marbledale Road Hotel Project

The Marbledale Road Environmental Coalition From Nov. 23, 2016 Dear Editor: As a concerned parent and neighborhood resident, I feel compelled to respond to Linda Shaw’s letter (11/9/16) in which she accuses me of being “sadly misinformed” about the myriad environmental perils surrounding the Marbledale Road Hotel Project. In point of fact, Ms. Shaw