I) Dynamic compaction:
Bilwin Developments (the Volunteer) may be using a technique called “dynamic compaction”. This technique entails a large weight of 3 – 36 tons, dropped repeatedly from a crane, to purposely send intense vibrations throughout the hazardous waste and ash.

The site will be repeatedly hit with the heavy weight. When this occurs, there will be contaminated dust and vapor release. Buried chemical filled drums, containers, and pressurized tanks, when hit with this technique, will breach. Dynamic Compaction will disrupt the hazardous toxic waste.

Sudden releases of vapors and dust threatens the health of our community.

Due to the fact that the hazardous waste, and ash, in the Tuckahoe Marbledale Road Quarry Dump, may not be stable enough to withstand the weight of the finished parking lot, dynamic compaction is the most likely proposed method.

This will certainly cause disruptive vibrations in the area.

Please see these videos of dynamic compaction:

II) Witnesses to the Dumping:
There are more eyewitness of hazardous waste dumping in the Tuckahoe Marbledale Road Quarry Dump. They recall 55-gallon drums, barrels, tanks, transformers, incinerator ash, chemical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and industrial waste. The site was so volatile that it used to spontaneously combust.

III) Tell the Public Officials to PROTECT US:

1) Demand a Full Environmental Impact Study (FEIS) of the Marriott Springhill Suites Project on the Marbledale Road Quarry Dump. The Petition for the FEIS has over 2,000 signatures!

2) Demand Full and Comprehensive Testing, Evaluation, Assessment and Risk Assessment of the Entire Marbledale Road Quarry Dump BEFORE any Construction and/or Remediation work is started.

3) Demand that the Final Remedial Action Work Plan be Revised after the FEIS, Comprehensive Assessments and Evaluations.

4) Demand that a moratorium be placed on all remediation and construction activities until the complete assessments and evaluations are done.

5) Demand Full Transparency of all testing, assessment, remediation and construction documents: that ALL documents be placed into a public online downloadable site.

6) Demand Full Transparency of everything that has occurred, and will occur, in relation to the Tuckahoe Marbledale Road Quarry dump.

7) Make your Demands at the Meeting & in Writing! Deliver your letters to the Tuckahoe Planning Board before the meeting, and at the meeting!

IV) Dr. Donald Hughes: Sept 6, 2016 Comments on the Planned Remediation of the Marbledale Road Quarry Dump.

V) Videos: https://www.facebook.com/TuckahoeToxicTrench/videos