By Richard Forliano, Eastchester Historian

Jul. 20, 2016:  At 4:30 pm on Saturday, July 23, direct descendants of Anne Hutchinson will arrive in the community room of Eastchester Town Hall as one of the last legs of a five-day, three-state celebration of the 425th anniversary of the birth of Anne Hutchinson.

"Most seventeenth-century voices are silent, but Anne Hutchinson's voice can still be heard," said Eve LaPlante, author of American Jezebel: The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson, the Woman Who Defied the Puritans.

The program that will ensue will focus on Anne Hutchinson's legacy in lower Westchester and the Bronx after her tragic death in an Indian massacre in 1642.

Lissa Halen, curator of the Eastchester Historical Society, will conduct a brief visual slide show on the history of the Hutchinson River.

And, for the first time, people from this area will get to meet the direct descendants of Anne Hutchinson.

This event is being sponsored by the newly formed Anne Marbury Hutchison Foundation, Founding Mothers, and the Eastchester Historical Society.

Pictured here:  Richard Forliano.

Photo courtesy Richard Forliano

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