By Carol P. Bartold

Jul. 20, 2016: To say that there is more than meets the eye when talking about the work Connie Lourentzatos does at The Bronxville School, under two titles, would be engaging in understatement.

An employee of the school district since 1991, Connie serves as secretary to the superintendent of the Bronxville schools. As clerk of the Bronxville Free Union School District, appointed annually, she is an officer of the district. She has held that official post since 2001.

Familiar to visitors to the district office at The Bronxville School, Connie is also known by anyone who has attended Bronxville Board of Education meetings and voted at the annual meeting for the budget and school trustee election.

While her titles might suggest that the constituencies she serves are within the school, her work involves serving the board of education and its committees as well as communicating with the public. In addition to attending all board meetings, Connie prepares the official record of all proceedings in the minutes and keeps them organized as a perpetual and permanent record of district business. She also prepares the annual board calendar.

She is responsible for having proper legal notices and announcements published in accordance with the law. She notifies board members and other contacts about special meetings and sends out notices regarding public hearings. Connie noted that one of her key responsibilities is to keep up-to-date records of board of education policies and bylaws.

"My job has changed over the years," Connie said. "The duties change as the law changes and I attend workshops for district clerks that provide information on changes to our duties and new requirements."

Connie also administers oaths of office to board of education trustees as well as to other officers of the district, such as the public information officer, the claims auditor, and other officials appointed annually.

"I do enjoy meeting the public and various constituency groups. I like to coordinate and schedule and figure things out." She added that she also enjoys getting things in writing and getting them right for historical purposes.

With the impending retirement of Superintendent Dr. David Quattrone at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, Connie has significant involvement with the search for a new district superintendent. She has worked with the search consultants to set up meetings to be held over two days with various focus groups such as the Bronxville Teachers' Association, the Non-Partisan Committee, Mayor Mary MarvinChief Christopher Satriale of the Bronxville Police Department, members of the facilities committee, and former board of education trustees. "There is a lot of coordination involved," Connie said.

The eldest of seven siblings and the daughter of Italian immigrants, Connie Lourentzatos's path to The Bronxville School took her from a job in advertising to real estate management, where she earned her real estate license, to Greece, when she got married. In the port city of Piraeus, she worked for a shipping insurance company. When she returned to the United States, she learned about the job at the Bronxville Free Union School District. "Since I was a mom of two young children," she said, "I thought it would be the next best thing to being home with them and having school vacations to spend with them."

A lifelong learner, Connie studied at Westchester Community College and Iona College and earned her bachelor of science degree in the State University of New York system. "I love taking courses," she said, "and I love languages." She is studying advanced Italian and speaks Greek as well as some Spanish.

Communication, attention to detail, and coordination are the skills Connie Lourentzatos devotes to serving the community within the walls of The Bronxville School and beyond.

Photo by N. Bower

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