Arrival and Departure Procedures

Due to the construction work at the Woodcrest, please be reminded that if you wish to enter the building during pick-up and drop off, you will need to park at the end of the parking lot between the cones.  The middle and west side of the parking lot needs to be left open for construction vehicles.

Please be reminded that you will need to escort your elementary child to the traffic barriers.  Please do so quickly so cars can keep moving through the drop-off area. Our teachers have been instructed not to release the elementary students until the parent has come to the barrier to pick them up.

Doors will be locked during normal school hours. If you need to come in, please use the door on the east side of the building and use the doorbell. A teacher will come and open the door for you.

We will be sending text messages to parents as constructions progresses and procedures change. We are looking forward to the complete project and are excited about the changes taking place here at Woodcrest. We appreciate your flexibility during this time of transition. Please pray for a timely finish.

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